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About Us

ETH Light will tie up with the biggest travel giants like Expedia, Priceline and American Master And Visa Card Express etc and provide its service around the world. Our proprietary coin, ETH Light will be accepted as a payment and will provide a very profitable deal as compared to other payment methods.

ETH Light Can be buy form The Major Cryptocurrency Exchanges, it will be exchangeable like any other coin in the market. ETH strategy focuses on reducing the dependability of travelers on traditional modes of payment, which come with numerous gateways resulting in voluminous transaction fee. Blockchain enabled, peer-to-peer architecture empowers us to eradicate all the intermediaries which consequently decimates the transaction fee and renders faster transactions. Our aim is to revamp the travel experience with the safest and cutting edge technology.

The Future Of ETH Light Coin


Process faster and safer transactions with peer-to-peer architecture, pay anywhere and anytime in a hassle-free environment.


Enjoy the benefits of a cryptocurrency with trading facility in all the leading cryptocurrency exchanges without any hurdle


With a broad range of biggest travel companies, take a liberty to stay in the remotest corner of the world with comfort & ease.

Big Brand

Token Distribution

  • Total Token   2000M
  • Core phase of token sale 60%   1200M
  • Company 20%   400M
  • Project Team Share 10%   200M
  • Partners and Advisors 10%   200M
  • Branding and Marketing 45%
  • IT Infrastructure 15%
  • Software Development 15%
  • Operational Costs 15%
  • Legal 10%

Token Sale Proceeds


Quarter of 2017

Initiate and discussed the Plan of Ethlight Token and his successful future with Concern people from the market.

Quarter of the 2017

Collect all necessary information on development of Portal and marketing strategy for Project.

quarter of 218

Hire technical Team and marketing team, so Ethlight can come in to reality for the world to use his future.

quarter of 2018

Development of the Website, Social Media, Legalization, Smart contract with ERC20 token in the Name Of Ethlight.

Quarter of 2018

Get Ethlight Token to Listed on minimum 3-4 Good Exchange so member can start buying Ethlight Token and start using them for their next travel plan, hotel stay etc….

Qarter of 2018

Launch of Ethlight web wallet and mobile wallet, try and get register with 25-30 merchandisers from hotel and ticketing segments so Members will be able to use the app and get discounts.

Quarter of 2019

Tie up an exclusive deal with one or two good hotel and one or two airlines across the UK-USA and Asia region ,where ethlight holder can be a treated like their premier member while they used their service.

Team Member



CEO & Founder

An innovator & successful entrepreneur with experience of multiple domains. Brian is an example for many aspiring entrepreneurs and has been a stellar performer in every line of business he worked in. He has a knack for achieving feats in every project.



Business Consultant

A leader of multiple projects with phenomenal success. Madeline has led more than 50 campaigns as a marketing head. She drives her team with efficiency and intelligence. A charismatic and energetic leader who keeps everything under control



Technical Advisor

A tech head of several operations with impeccable record and blockchain expertise. Coluta is an expert of networking, IT, programming and blockchain. His wisdom is referred as an asset to many organizations and his advisory plays a vital role in success



Pr Consultant

Steve Stanleyo is the synonym of success and quality in crypto industry when it comes to PR of repute. and has been in Marketing for over 35 years. As a serial entrepreneur, he has built multi-million dollar companies, such as Stanley Industries, Inc., in Miami,USA.